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Hi, I'm Evelien Nijeboer, artist since about 1991. Art, color and painting are my passions. In my development I moved from photography to painting, finding that traditional oil painting is a great for playing with realism. Video and photographym to me are painting tools as well. Seeing and thinking are closely related and in between I write about this. Writing I also do for a Dutch glossy Waldorf education magazine. Check here to look at my painting gallery. For seeing some more, check my dutch art website.

Art schools

After regular art school I did a postgrad (Rijksacadamy of fine arts, Amsterdam), and lived in Amsterdam since then. I learned a lot about contemporary art, and I had some great teachers. I was very young when I got there, with the freshess of a kid who was never taught about art contemporary art. It enabled me to be authentic, driven and idealistic. I encountered lots of support, but also things about the art world I didn't agree to, like the neo-liberal way of determining an artist's or artwork's value. After my studies I had two children and did a lot of research, forming an alternative in determining the real value of art and human development. Apart from this website, my professional activities go from making art and showing it, to faux painting projects, to teaching, writing and giving lectures on color.

Why this website

To me, art is a way to express the core, the meaning of life. I feel as humans we have a purpose. Even though we are individuals, and have to formulate and realise this purpose in our own unique way, there's a general quality to this purpose. To visualize this sense of purpose is the main drive in my life and work. I wanted my work to communicate, so I studied color, composition and art histoy, and documented every step of the way. My sincere hope is that it'll be of some use to others as well. My ideal is, to have art sustain life, so I try to be of use to both artists as well as interior decorators or home owners.

About this site

This website is financially sustained by targeted advertising (Google ads), and some affiliate connections whose products I recommend. You'll also find non-affiliated product links, and I've made a conscientious deliberation on these recommendations - in some cases a specific brand gives the necessary extra value (and cheap would in fact mean more cost and trouble), while in other cases it's best to buy the house brand and save money. I'm aiming to give good advice on a more or less complete range of good and valuable painting products and e-books that can be chosen and ordered online, to make the work a little easier. In specific cases, when you encounter painting or decorating problems not mentioned on this website, you can always contact me (scroll down).

Painting and technology

I always felt art should be accessible to average people - like you and me. I always strived for concrete visual quality. Just imitating nature isn't enough, as humans we want to understand, and create. My challange is, to create natural beauty that's somehow new. Which can be done, with the skills right techniques.

Living in the city meant great freedom for me. But after a while, I felt I lost my connection to nature, and I felt a strong urge to find it back. I did that by developing painting techniques for natural use of color, perspective, composition and tonality. Painting puts me in a state where I can see the beauty of things - very ordinary things, on any time, in any place. Slowly, nature came back into my life. Right now, it even seems as if it's coming back into the city. In the vondelpark storks are actually breeding.

About my work

A search for the spiritual has always been the main drive in my work. In this, I have been inspired by many writers and thinkers, of which Rudolf Steiner is my all-time favorite. I think he was a pretty good artist, too.
I've always loved the rainbow, and color is my specialism. Goethes theory of color enabled me to use color as an artist, in a way that does right by its nature. I studied and wrote color theory, and practiced its application in all kinds of painting techniques. Which can be very practical, in terms of handling paint, even in interor painting. But I also found that color is an energy, that has both electromagnetical and psychological aspects. It's a great intermediate between the upper- and the underworlds.

Apart from do doing canvas paintings, I did several wall-paintings and faux painting projects during my career. Soon I found, there's really no difference between art painting and interior design. I saw how art can be put into service to generate beauty and meaning for working and living spaces, and I really like this concept. I feel art should sustain life. To me, interior design is not some lower artform: it takes skills that not all artists have.

I always like to hear from site visitors. Contact me for remarks, questions, or just to say 'hi'. Did you find this site helpful? You can pay it forward, by putting a link to this site on your facebook or hyves page, or your own website. You'll help me, and you'll help others find this website.

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