Your Ad On This Website?

This website gets a lot of targeted traffic. If you have a product that's relevant to artists, creative home-ownners and DIY painters: this could be a good opportunity for you, to show your product and advertise. Here's a google analytics screenshot (made on oct. 15 2010)

screenshot of site info

Google analytics figures is growing well. February counted 14.000 unique visitors, april will count more than 19.000 uniques. Some exact numbers:

    18 march to 17 april 2011:
  • 19.510 visits and 18.022 unique visitors
  • 42.699 pageviews
  • a growth rate of more than 26%, compared to the 30 day period before.

Your ad on

I'm very selective on what ads I will place, so you can be sure that the quality of this site will remain high. In the meantime, I plan to keep feeding my website, to ensure its growth. Should you decide to buy advertising space for more than a month, you'll pay less per month, and profit from future traffic growth.

Art and interior painting

This site contains pages on art painting, as well as on interior painting. Both departments are approximately equally big. You can choose to advertise on all (over 120) pages, just on the art pages (appr. 60 pages), or only on the home painting pages (also appr. 60 pages). Both departments each draw half of this sites' traffic.

Should you decide that you want your ads to be only in one of these two sections: it can be arranged. If desired, I can calculate the exact visiting numbers, on both sections

For further inquiries: contact me, and we'll be in touch.

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