I started this series in 2009, and am still making new ones. It can be seen as a modular piece - they can be hung up as a block of small ones (that being one work), but they're sold by the piece. I'm still making new ones. Originally, I started them to study underpainting (check here for examples). They're small (only 20 x 15 cm)

Oil painting series part 1


The trick is, to deviate as much as possible from "real life", and keep it natural at the same time. Sometimes people ask me if I actually saw these purple landscapes (well, in way I did)

Oil painting series (Snapshots)


I used thin mdf panels, and grounded them with caseine-gesso. Underpainting is done with one earth color and white, in egg or egg/caseine tempera. Check here for painting tips on using underpainting colors.


I think I could go on making these forever... it's a kind of meditation. These colors look funny, but they're much like raw underpaintings. If you would paint them over with real-life colored scenery, they'd probably look very realistic. But that wasn't the point really... it was more about fiddling with reality. Check here for the words that accompanied the exhibition.

The first ones

The top two of the last picture wre actually the first two pieces of this series. Then I was much more afraid to go over the underpainting, so they look pretty raw. The green one was actually stolen during an exhibition (warn me if you see it pop up somewhere!). I hope the new owner likes it.

Check back soon...

I just made a few new ones, but don't have pictures yet. Be back soon...

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