Here's a selection of my latest art stuff. these are oils on canvas, I'll be showing them in Amsterdam soon (june this year) at Fontrodona Artspace. Except for the upper one on the right - that one is sold. Yay!

Fine art and applied art

I guess there's fine line between the paintings above and faux painting, but I'm just as proud on the wall paintings as on the other work. There's a conceptual side to that as well, as the wall paintings are a process of co-creation - I design them together with my clients. Sometimes they ask me 'how I could make it just as they imagined'.... Check here for my wall paintings and faux painting projects.

Wall painting in coffeshop

In the town centre of Amsterdam there's a steet called "Russia", with a coffeeshop called also Russia. This one I made for them last summer (2012). The wall was already red and the clouds below first were done with only a transparent sizing.

Oil painting, with mountain

Oil painting, 50 x 40 cm

watercolor painting

Watercolor painting, 70 x 50 cm

Even when my country is totally flat, I seem to just love mountains. The differences in height allow me to put in different 'levels', which can be read as a literal metaphore. The right one is called 'alchemistic tryout'. I left it unfinished a year ago, and now I could finish it.

These I made for a gallery (end of march 2011), to go with the spirit-child painting (further down the page). They were still wet when I brought them away. They're difficult to photograph - especially the right one has a strong difference in matteness and shine. he shiny part in the middle is actually a dark ultramarine. The gallerist sent me some pictures (find them here on my blog).

This one I made for a community project ("Second Hand Stories"), in a big second hand store. It's 2 x 3 meters, acrylic on loose canvas. It was hung in the furniture department. It was meant as an installation: a backdrop, with the second hand objects arranged before them, as a still-life. Right after this picture, the phone was sold (What a pity for the composition! But, part of the game).


These are my "snapshots". It's is a series of small panels (15 x 20 cm) , started as underpainting studies. I have over 20 of them ( check here for more). I like doing them very much, and still make new ones. There were also some words when I showed them (check here for that)

Traffic Light

This is a moving picture - I don't make much of these because it's really a lot of work (and fun, but it doesn't pay well). Hope to do more of this in the future though. The traffic light is treated like a person and is leading an average life: being born, maturing, going out in the world, achieving, retiring. It's death is halfway the video - after that I tried to show how this life is dismanteled again (its afterlife). Should the video not appear on this page, you'll find it here on youtube.


Oil painting about the Monalisa

A funny painting, because it's so close to the original (except for the colors of course). It was sold recently. It's 90 x 60cm, oil on canvas with tempera underpainting. Mona Lisa's composition (and background!) are such a rich source, and I wanted to see if I could change her colors without violating the original somehow. I had a ball trying out the earth tones and play with the light...

Spirit child

Oil painting with spirit child

This one's from the end of 2009. Oil on canvas, 160 x 90 cm. It's about the spirit child (essence or inner child), and also about my reasons for making art. To me it's loaded with meaning and after this one it was difficult to start something new (feeling like everything was said already).

Someday (or, once)

I didn't know how to translate the title "Eens - it's Dutch, meaning "some time in the future", but also 'unified' or 'agreed'. Anyhow, this series is about time - one day, divided in 12 pieces or moods. The pics are based on landscape photo's, originally taken from one point (following the sun) - color was used to define the mood.

Check back soon...

I have lots of older work (from more colorful and abstract periods), that I'll put up later. And of course new work too. Most of the pictures you find on this site are mine too (when no artist is mentioned, I made it).

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