Bedroom Color Schemes

Here you'll find bedroom color schemes for an old-style bedroom. What colors are best for your bedroom, depends on your personality type, but some colors just have a special link to that dreamy mood. The way they look also depends on your furniture style and bedding.

Romantic bedroom colors

Making a bedroom color scheme

Unless you want to invest in new bedding and sheets, it's best to match your paint colors to your sheets and bedding. If they have prints, you might even pick colors from them. Eventually, you can dye your sheets in the washing machine. But, bedding makes a big visual surface, so if you want to do a real makeover, you might change the bedding as well.

Bedroom color schemes

Pastel blue and ochre bedroom color scheme

This one is low on light-and-dark contrast, but there is some contrast in the colors (ochre/blue) to make it interesting

Mustard and old pink bedroom color scheme

The colors are pretty rich, and shaded instead of contrasting.

Red shaded bedroom

To every rule there's an exception (red shouldn't be good for bedrooms). The reds are toned, not very chemical, which makes them more than bearable. Still, I wouldn't recommend this bedroom to anyone with high blood pressure or heartproblems. It's good for people who often feel cold, have low blood pressure or live in cold areas - these colors give lots of warmth.

Bedroom with strong value contrast

Not much color, but a strong light-and-dark contrast can certainly add some zest. You could do this too with only beige and black. The beigh could have two sheens then (matte and highgloss)

Paint color software

These bedroom color schemes were worked over with paint color software - this is the best and easiest way to plan things ahead. The software contains available paint hues, and lightens or darkens them according to the lighting situation in your room. The bedroom color schemes were created in another graphic program, as an exact match of the paint color sample.

Paint color cheat sheets

If you're not good at colors, don't want to spend lots of time, but still want to be sure of good paint colors: then read this review on the paint color cheat sheets. It's a list of interior paint colors that were proven and tested by an interior designer. Along with every color, she gives info on the amount of light it needs, what rooms it's good for, and what primer it needs.

Bedroom colors

Bedroom color schemes need to be pleasant, but not too exciting (unless you need to pepper up your life). But most of us primarily need to sleep, don't we. Greens are calming, but not really for sleeping. They can be applied as trim or accent colors though, or in a toned version. The best color for sleeping is carmine (meditate it, when you can't sleep!). It's a dark color though, and maybe it's not your taste either. Blue is calming, but too blue might become too cold. A light violet-blue can be great

If the bedroom is the place where you dress yourself, you might consider to keep the colors neutral or light - your clothing colors just look different when they contrast with strong wall colors.

Bedroom paints

Most paints are not harmful, due to regulations harmful paints were taken out of production. Still, there's a range of paints to choose, from OK to superhealthy. Here you can read more on bedroom paint.

Bedroom closet colors

Do you want to camouflage the closets, or use them to create some visual diversity? If you paint the closets in the same colors as the walls, you will hardly see them anymore. Beware: furniture is often made of laminate - it can be painted over but it needs an extra primer. Closet colors can be contrasting or shaded (just a bit lighter or darker) - play with it and see what creates your desired mood.

Accent walls for the bedroom

Not all walls need to be in the same colors. You can shade them, or give one wall a different color that stands out: an accent wall. It can be in different places. Behind the bed is the most obvious one - though it does make a difference if the accent wall is over the bedhead, or on the bedside-wall. An accent wall behind the headside of the bed creates a four-poster-bed-feeling, something that makes the bed stand out.

Fool-proof guide to making color schemes

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