Examples of Faux Painting

Here are some examples of faux painting, just to give you some ideas.

Faux marble painting

Faux painted marble.
Click here for a faux marble painting

Faux painted brick

Faux painted brick - click here for an instruction to painting faux brick.

Wall painting in coffeshop

In the town centre of Amsterdam there's a steet called "Russia", with a coffeeshop called also Russia. This one I made for them last summer (2012). The wall was already red and the clouds below first were done with only a transparent sizing.

Mural on a bakery freezer

April 2011: the big freezer in a bakery - 1.50 x 3.50 meter. This bakery is situated in my family's windmill (hence the theme of the mural). It was painted rather roughly. The customers can see it from the counter, but they keep at about 5 meters distance. Check here to see the underpainting, and details of the wheat.

Faux landscape in Kindergarten backyard

Sept. 2010: a garden mural. On the painting, you see the same plants and stone colors as in the garden itself. The neighbor decided to build a patio, resulting in an ugly white wall in my client's garden - and here's what you can do with it!

Faux landscape in Kindergarten backyard

Kindergarten backyard, in the middle of Amsterdam - not much light because of the
surrounding buildings. This faux painted sky might give the kids some idea of a clear horizon.

Faux landscape in Kindergarten backyard

Here's another corner of this garden. Here the kids come down the stairs. The deer is walking to the left, suggesting there's extra space there, but is looking to the right, where the attention of the kids needs to go (they can only turn right).

Color washing on walls

This is a private residency.
Click here for more
examples of this color washing technique.

Faux painted castle

My son's bedroom. This was initially just the first layer, but I liked it and left it this way.

Faux painting example

Anonymous, street picture (more Amsterdam folklore). The brick was faux painted too.

Faux indoor landscape

Another Amsterdam day care center. "Forest" was the chosen theme, I put it on a brown-red background to add some warmth.

Faux wood

This is not real wood - it was painted on. Grain was added with a comb (I didn't do this one myself, it's some Amsterdam folklore)

Faux wood detail

Here's a detail of the above picture. It wasn't even done very neatly. Still, it works really nice, because of the well chosen colors.

Faux painted castle

The same, from the front. It's a tiny bedroom (all Amsterdam appartments are small).

Antique faux painting

Antique faux painting. Lots of time went into this wall painting. This former private home is a museum now....

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