Faux painting project - april 2011

Mural on a bakery freezer

April 2011: mural on the big freezer in a bakery - about 1.75 x 3.50 meters.

How it was built up

This bakery is situated in my family's windmill (hence the theme of the mural). The customers can see it from the counter, but they keep at about 5 meters distance. I could paint it in a rough manner, depending on the power of suggestion. Rough paintwork, when done well, often looks more realistic than meticulous photorealism.

The primer was a very light yellow ochre, with a little bit of burnt umber mixed in. Proportions: about 90% white, 9% yellow ochre and 1% burnt umber. The underpainting (see next photo) was painted with the exact same colors, just with more yellow ochre and burnt umber mixed in.

Underpainting for mural in bakery

Here's the underpainting. It was looking so good, and I'd have loved to have more time to figure out something very refined to put over this! If this would have been a canvas painting, I'd be happy to leave it standing around for a few weeks and ponder on what to make of it. I guess I'll do that later - one advantage of such an orderly procedure: you can always do it again on another canvas. For later layers, I used some ultramarine as well.

Details of the mmural

Here some detail work - it's painted quite rough. Every stem of wheat was painted in one stroke, (and most of the stems were suggested anyway). Every ear of wheat was just two rows of little dabs. Because of the light and colors, it works from a distance.

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