flower wall stickers

Here's a selection of flower wall stickers. Flowers are always nice to have around, if they're brightly colored or matched to your wall like a shadow. I browsed around to choose some fine ones for you. All pictures are product links.

Girly-fresh flower stickers

Roses - realistic design
, $ 9,89.
This design comes in purple flower and a Yellow Lotus as well.

Flower Wall Sticker (0752 -SB005)

from LightInTheBox, $ 16,99

Notice the color matching!

Don't you just love the fairy-tale mood. These ones have a lovely fresh but campy feel to them. Great for a girl s room - and I mean girls of all ages. Check here for some children's wall decals. Here's also a page on butterfly wallstickers, of which some with flowers.

Single flower wall stickers

Flower Wall Sticker (0752 -SB006)

Simple flowers, app. $ 25.00

This one is quite a statement - big, red and beautiful. It will look good on a white wall. It has a bit of a campy fifties feel about it, and somehow it looks totally feminine.

Graphic flower walls stickers

These decals look their best on a matching background color. They only have a few colors, you can still pick one of the sticker colors and order it two shades lighter or darker. If you dare som emore, you can pick a color that's not in the stickers. On the right, the sticker effect depends much on the background color... When choosing paint colors, take into account that there will be more of the wall color, than the sticker color.

Semi-abstract flower wall stickers

Sometimes it's better to have a stylized design, rather than a naturalistic one. Scroll down for some more neutral flower stickers.

Garden Reflections - $ 35.00

This design has little mirrors on it. Click to see it larger

Wall Sticker - Romantic Shoots  (0565 - gz001)

Fractal flowers
available in 7 colors, $ 13,99

Vine Frame - swirls with a Goth feel to it.

I've seen a lot more of these kinds of graphic swirl flower stickers. Click on this one, from there on you'll find more of them.

Flower guirlandes

Some flower-wallstickers are suitable to mount to a guirlande:

Colorful Flowers
, 9.89. Imagine these decals mounted to guirlande over your daughters bed

Purple Flowers
$ 9,89
An elegant arrangement, much like an old signature

Neutral flower wall stickers

Here are some designs with not much, or neutral colors. Form already adds a lot to your interior design, when there's form, there doesn't have to be that much color.

Dandelions - $ 9.89
Large Wall Decals Stickers Appliques Home Decor

Flower Wall Sticker (0752 -SC001)

Bamboo grass
Very big, in grey only ($ 37,49)

Growing Flowers Giant Wall Decals

These flower stickers have some color,
but they're neutral colors. They'll
look good on a light green,
light blue, lilac, grey or a light pink
wall (and on white, of course).

Add-Heres Wall Decals, Allium Flowers

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