Ideas for Painting Teen Bedrooms

Here are some ideas for painting teen bedrooms. Just for inspiration -the most important is: your teen finding out what his/her dream room looks like. Your own room defines your identity. Besides that: a teen's brain is best stimulated by fun and a great room is the best stimulus for keeping things tidy.

Mother and teen painting a bedroom

Think out of the box

As a teenager, you want to have fun – and it’s fun to go wild in redecorating your room. In the designing stage that is, of course. After that, ideas can be made practical. Dont exclude black walls or doors right away – a night scene might just be the right thing for him/her. Painted over with blue, it still can look 'natural'. If you don’t know where to start in choosing paint colors: take a subject and design the room around it. When you do a creative designing process together, let them come up with the ideas, they're good at it. You as an older person could be the practical, sensible one.

Subject ideas for painting teen bedrooms:

Most teenagers have a strong preference for a band, a tv-series, a hobby, sport or fashion style.

  • Every picture or poster contains a color scheme – let the teen choose a picture and pick colors from it (think of band items, fashion magazines etc)
  • If it’s sport, a fresh room with a green carpet (and an additional sports items or colors) can do the trick
  • Some graffiti painters are actually very good – invite them in, to paint your teen’s bedroom, or a part of it. Do give them a color scheme to work with.

Sometimes you need to be creative – if the teen is into stuff that you don’t like, you might have to negotiate (just communicate, and meet in the middle). If there’s a tight budget: better mention it before the brainstorm session starts.

If your kid is into wild stuff, remember: a good kid doesn’t go bad just like that, and your trust is worth a million times more than attempts to ‘keep out the bad stuff’. But it’s good to talk about the actual coolness of vampires or other scary stuff, in a neutral way.

Here you can find info about making a color schemes. and bedroom color schemes.

Teenage bedroom

Color ideas for painting teen bedrooms

Once again: first go crazy in choosing paint colors, then balance everything into a whole. Only the study corner is better kept serene. Strong colors can be used in decorations, up or around the bed – just better not around the place were homework is done.

Painting the study corner of a teen’s bedroom is better organized around work and concentration. There should be room for books, a computer, and good light. In this area, it’s probably better to have cool or neutral wall colors: beige, green, blue, white, offwhite or black – and no wild patterns. Dark colors like violet, grey, blue or even black are an option if there’s a good reading lamp.

Tips for strong wall colors

If your ideas for painting teen bedrooms contain strong wall colors, you might want to tone them – add bits of other room colors into it (order them as sample colors). It will make the color more natural and harmonizing. Also order some lighter sample colors – a whole wall is just more color than an edge of wood trim. Taking a lighter color can be the solution to getting the color intensity you want. Eventually, use some house paint software to get some idea about the final outcome.

Other ideas for painting teen bedrooms

  • Highgloss paint sheens as trim can add some extra lustre
  • Laminate furniture can be painted and restyled, along with the rest
  • In cases of tight budget: check what’s already there (bedding, curtains), and work with that
  • First discuss where the furniture goes – in fact: discuss everything thoroughly (to avoid misunderstanding). From child to teen, kids enter a phase where all at once they have their own emotional world, which is new to themselves too.
  • Chalkboard paint can be nice as a styling element - and a help in organizing things.
  • Wall stickers are easy to apply, removable, they look great, and they make the designing proces a lot easier. Pick one together, and then you can arrange the rest of the design around it.

Need some help creating a color scheme?

Contact me, and send me a picture of the room, and of an image the teen chose for room colors. I’ll pick colors from it, using my house paint software. You can do this yourself too, if you want.

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