Kids wall stickers

Sometimes the line between adult and kids wall stickers is thin, but here are some designs exclusively for kids. If your kid is old enough to make a say about it (let's say, three to four years old), maybe it's fun to choose wall stickers together with your child.

Kids wall stickers

Wall stickers can add a lot to your child's room. A child's own room is the image, the intimate background for the child's own inner life. A beautiful room is a gift your child will appreciate. There's an big range of products to choose from, I've picked some nice ones, and further down there's a list with other sticker subject pages.

Working with wall stickers

There are a few ways to integrate wall stickers in your kid's room decor. It depends on the stickers: some are "objects" that float on the wall, and others form a background themselves. A faux windows - like the fantasy landscape up here - is both (here's another landscape with modern windmills, also $ 9,89. They'll give your child's imagination free room to wander about.

Kids wall stickers can be added as details, but I've also seen makeover-kits for the whole room, like this underwater adventure kit at At, you'll find comic figures, and also some beautiful wallpaper borders (like this one). This is typically a product to pick colors from, to take as a basis for a fabulous design.

Kinds of kid's room design

The design of these wall stickers is more of a modern or graphic nature, it will give a "clean" look. The ones below are more "painterly". Which style you like best depends on your styling and taste, the furniture in you kid's room, and also on the subject of the sticker. The glow-in-the-dark stars can be graphic - they still give light which can be soothing at night.

Wall Decals - Dragon
This design is available
as pirates too.

Build Your Own Robot Wall Decals

Design your own robot

These robots can be assembled by your child

Child or adult taste?

Some of the kids wall sticker designs out there seem to be invented by adults, who's own memories have been replaced somehow (by an adult notion of the concept "childlike"). If your child can tell you what it likes, your job is easy, but if not: usually they like stuff that looks 'real' and somehow mature in their eyes, but pure, without the sharp edges that adulthood can have. They like things to appeal to their subconscious ideals, that are often about balance, purity and a natural state of being. And fun, of course. Scroll down for an artist's pick from different online stores.

Pictural designs

Most kids like wall stickers with pictures that represent something, but a representation can be graphic or old-school realistic. It depens on the subject - the Hogwarth-emblema below look their best realistic, and children's books (like "Where the wild things are") have their own style. If this is your kid's favorite book or movie, the choice is easy.

Cuddle Buddies Wall Decals

Cute cuddle buddies

Maybe not too cute
for the really small ones

Wall stickers and color matching

Matching the colors of the wall stickers will integrate them in your design. Think of the bedding colors as well!. The furniture style also has an influence - a modern square ikea-look is different from a cosy country-style, and it also matters if the furniture is painted, or of a natural wood color. Some color tips:

  • Bold colors go well on a white wall. It looks nice when the colors come back in other room accents (bedding etc).
    • with natural wood color furniture, the sticker-colors need to match to other color accents
    • with white furniture, the stickers will come out as a single accent
  • Natural (realistic) colors look good on most colors.
  • Pastel colored stickers go well on pastel colored walls, and on white (better with painted furniture, than with wood-colors)
  • sky-blue looks good with anything
  • Black wallstickers are better saved for a teen's room (unless your kid's room has much color).
  • Natural colors usually fit. Natural designed stickers with a modern twist look good modern furniture.

Before buying the stickers, ponder a bit on their function in the design of your kid's room. Eventually you might want to paint the walls or the furniture (laminate can be painted as well).

Theme-room wall sticker kits

If you find it hard to compose a design for your kid's room: here's a site that offers sticker packages to do the whole room in one theme - - They have wall stickers and wall sticker kits, murals and accessories. The colors are a bit pastell-like and will look good in a white or pastel-colored room.

Other kids wall stickers

Not all of these are stictly kids wall stickers, but if one of these subjects is you kid's favorite, you'll have a good page to choose from. (more themes will follow soon)

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