Kitchen Color schemes

Here you'll find some kitchen color schemes. The design of your room influences the 'look' of your colors. That's why the color schemes on this page are based on actual kitchen pictures, colored with painting software in paint colors that are actually available.

color schemes created with house paint software

Bold or neutral colors?

This kitchen has a high contrast floor, and combines modern and vintage elements - let's say "shabby chic", without the shabby. A kitchen like this can have a bolder kitchen color scheme. It has some classical elements, which can work classic but also like a more artistic retro-style. The floor is strong in contrast, but neutral in colors: it's just asking to be completed with a few bolder colors, or a milder tonal range.


Off course you can leave it white as well. The floor and furniture make it interesting. White gives a maximum of light. It can seem cold though. Some shaped ornaments can juice up the white - old furniture usually looks good in white.

Red and black kitchen colors
Red, black and offwhite kitchen color scheme

A bold but solid color combination. The black probably looks best in high-gloss. For the high-blood-pressure personality type, the red shouldn't be too orange (better one that's a bit too magenta, than a bit too orange). Click here for more on color and mood.

Neutral kitchen colors
Neutral color scheme

These neutrals give some envelopment. There's not much color, but they give a sedated and natural look. Their shading contrasts to the strong contrastign floor. They contrast to the table as well, because the neutrals go slightly towards blue.

Green kitchen colors
 green kitchen color scheme

Greens, in a somewhat classical or '30s mood. One of the colors is a green earth tone, which is a historical pigment.

Green and blue kitchen colors
Blue and green kitchen color scheme

A bit more arty or modern: strong but quiet colors - toned blues and greens. They contrast with the brown table, making it look warm and interesting.

Painting software

These pics were made with house paint software. In this program, you can upload a picture of your kitchen, and color it with available paint colors. If your're the visual type, and you'd like to carefully plan your painting project, this software might be a good idea.

More about kitchen color schemes

Every kitchen has different styling elements and flooring. When you make a kitchen color scheme: first define the elements that are already there (and not to be changed), and/or find the stuff that's not available in a thousand different colors - the countertop, specific curtains, furniture, and match your paint color scheme to it. If curtains and textiles are an important factor of your kitchen design, get them first - and pick colors from them. A painting can be inspirational too. If there's a picture that oozes just the atmosphere you want: pick colors from it. Click here for more on making an interior painting design.

Another good rescource for making color schemes is Paint Color Cheat Sheets. It's a list of proven and tested paint colors, composed by Yelena Kublitzky - a color consultant who owns a painting company, together with her husband. Each color is accompanied with info on the lighting situation they're good for, colors they can be combined with, and rooms they're good for. Click here for a review. Via the banner below you'll als find info about it:

Fool-proof guide to making color schemes

Other kitchen painting ideas

Here you'll find more kitchen painting ideas about other practical considerations: washable paints, how to paint laminate kitchen cabinets, and styling aspects. No matter what style: some colors just look edible (yellow, red) and others don't (blue). Stuff like that has an influences the way you'll feel about your kitchen. If you need warmth and cosiness in your kitchen, you'll choose other paint colors then if you're looking for calm and serenity.

And of course there's the practical side of the job: click here for DIY info on interior painting techniques

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