Oil Painting book and e-book

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76 pages
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This oil painting book goes deep into the material side of oil painting. It's available as an e-book, and soon also in printing. It covers all relevant ready-made products and classical painting materials - with recipes, a list of recommended products, and short, clear information on how to use them. It's an extended version (with recipes!) of a big part of this website. If you sell your paintings, or want to develop your own layering systems: this is for you.

Ordering your oil painting e-book

This oil painting book is an e-book of 76 pages: lots of short, easy to survey text, with relevant pictures. It has a table of contents, inbound links, an index to find all the places where a specific material is discussed, and an appendix of recipes that can easily be printed (and taped to your studio wall). For 14,90 your paintings will be ensured a long life.

Table of contents


  • Common misunderstandings about oil paint
  • the oil painting system - a layering system
  • How to decide on materials

Painting grounds

  • canvases and canvas rolls
  • Painting boards
  • How to make painting boards
  • Gluing canvas on a painting board
  • Canvas stretching, assembling stretcher strips
  • Stretching canvas to the wall
  • Sizing before priming page
  • Rabbit skin glue recipe


  • Features, drying times
  • Mending ready-made acrylic gesso, acrylic/caseine gesso recipe
  • classical painting grounds: Half oil ground (recipe)
  • absorbent glue-primer (recipe)
  • Oil primers, caseine

Underpainting materials

  • pure egg tempera (recipe)
  • Shellac (recipe), Dammar (recipe)
  • caseine (recipe)
  • oily egg tempera (recipe)
  • acrylic-caseine paint (2 recipes)
  • the use of white in underpainting
  • imprimature
  • underpainting with oils, how to make oil paint dry
  • alkyd resins
  • classical oil-and-tempera speed painting procedure

layering rules

  • fat over lean, recipe for painting medium
  • Liquin and alkyds
  • Thick over thin, fresh paint

Oil paint

  • Kinds of oil
  • pigments - toxic and non-toxic pigments
  • Earth pigments, Lakes
  • Fast and slow drying pigments
  • Chemical and natural colors, transparancy
  • Whites, fillers
  • Stable and unstable pigments
  • Ideal and limited palette
  • Making oil paint
  • how to get paint in a tube

oil painting guide

Varnishing and shine

  • inbetween varnishing (alternatives to “oiling in a painting”)
  • end varnishing
  • turning fat paint matte again

Oil paint brushes

  • brush materials (kinds of natural hair), brush shapes
  • Cleaning issues
    • List of products and materials
    • Subject index
    • Appendix of recipes

Free recipes

If you want only recipes: part of them (for primers and underpainting) are available as a free download, when you subscribe to this website.

Buying this E-book

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I hope this e-book will become an important source for you - if your oil painting materials matter to you, I'm convinced it will show its value. Should you however be unhappy or disappointed by it: if you notify me within two weeks, I'll give you a full refund.

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