Oil painting product list

Primers and underpainting

Here's the product list that goes with the free recipe sheets (click to subscribe and downlad them, if you haven't already). When you click on the products you will be taken there directly, on the site of Blick Art Materials, to whom I'm affiliated. To paintmill de Kat I'm not, but I'll recommend them anyway.

The products were selected for you to get quality products for the best price. Click on the product names, and you'll find your way quickly through both sites.

Primer and underpainting materials

  • Blick Studio Gesso. Economy gesso, suitable for gessoing over universally prepared boards/canvases (mixed with caseine, to make it suitable for oils).
  • Blick Master Gesso - Better hiding gesso, for priming new canvases (do add caseine).
  • Casein Emulsiona transparant binder and very strong glue. Also for making caseine paint. Blick offers the brand Shiva, but:
    For real archival quality, you need Schmincke, or to make your own (scroll down to paintmill de Kat). This is due to the preservatives - Borax is ok, but other substances might cause chemical instability later on. Halas, I haven't found information on the preservatives in Shiva binder. Schmincke casein can eventually be ordered at Kremer Pigmente, but making your own is probably cheaper, and it's not much extra work.
  • Blick Gloss Medium - Blick's economy house brand acrylic binder (transparant). Also for mixing or glazing with acrylic paint.
  • Rabbit Skin Glue, dry granules, for canvas preps
  • Stand Oil, for making mediums and a half-oil ground
  • marble powder - Fredrix Powdered Marble Dust
  • Glass mullers, for making pigment paste or oil paint
  • Gamblin Dry Pigments, a cheaper quality. Suitable pigments for making colored gesso:
    • titanium white
    • yellow ochre (warm yellow earth)
    • burnt siena (warm reddish brown)
    • raw umber (cool dark brown)
    • burnt umber (dark warm brown)
    • mars black (iron oxyde)
    • For real green earth, take Sennelier Dry Pigments
  • Sennelier is also the best choice for all other fine pigments.

Paint mill de Kat

At Paintmill de Kat, near Amsterdam, you can find the most authentic raw oil painting materials - they've been in buseniss for hundreds of years. Ingredients that contain VOC can't be sent overseas, prices will be a little higher and shipping (from the Netherlands) probably takes longer. But a lot of ingredients are dry and can be shipped. De Kat is great of you want to make all your painting materials yourself. With caseine powder, you can make your own fresh caseine (if you buy it, also buy ammonium carbonate and borax). The recipe you'll find in my ebook, along with other recipes for traditional painting grounds and making oil paint.

Here you'll find the webstore of Paintmill de Kat- it's in english.

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