Tree Wall Stickers

Tree wall stickers are great for a bedroom, or other places where you want to relax. Trees are somehow associated with sleep, and they add a natural feeling to your room (no matter where you live). I've also put up wall stickers with branches on them: if you put a branch in the right place, you imagine the rest of the tree with it. Down the bottom of this page you'll find some kid's room wall stickers with trees on them.

Flower Wall Sticker (0586 -20745267)

Wall stickers of a whole tree

A big tree, like the right one, will look nice over a focal point: the couch, your bed, or your dinnertable. But it doesn't have to be placed in the middle:

Flower Wall Sticker (0586 -20745279)

Young tree and birds

Flower Wall Sticker (0732 -XM-JJ-119)

Tree, available in
brown, green and orange - $ 9.99

A life-size tree

Flower Wall Sticker (0752 -SC003)

BIG tree, $ 24.99
(currently on sale)

The wall sticker on the right, the really big one, makes such a stunning effect because of its size, and because the room is decorated in more or less the same colors (only differnt tints). I really like this surrealistic feel, where you feel as if being inside and outdoors at the same time. You'll need at least two people, to mount this wall sticker, and some time and planning as well. And of course you can use this idea, and paint a tree yourself...

Assembling a tree like this needs a few extra hands. Check here for a youtube video on how to assemble a tree wall sticker.

Timber Wallsticker by Ferm Living

Small picture, big tree

This tree almost touches the ceiling.

Pine Tree Wallsticker by Ferm Living

Realistic pine branch

The rest of the tree is more or less suggested.

Branches Wallsticker in Black by Ferm Living

Realistic branch

This design comes in green as well.

Branches with flowers

There's a subtle feeling of bliss connected to flowering branches. In Japan, it's a national event when the cherryblossom appears, and everyone eats outside under the trees. One Japanese poem: "Did I see the blossom hover free from the branch? Oh, it was merely a butterfly". (for butterflies, click here).

Falling Flowers

Branches and tree wallstickers

These tree wall stickers are in one color, but they're available in many different colors (a few dozen). The one from LightinTheBox is available in less colors, and no size is indicated - but the price difference is noticeable. A branch can be placed very well on a wall that's cornering with a window, then it'll be just as if the shadow is cast from a tree outside.

120x45 cm,100x45 cm,

4 similar pieces
each 75x45 cm,

Wall Decals - Branch

Wall Decals
- Branch 100x110 cm,

Flower Wall Sticker (0586 -20745267)

by LightInTheBox.

When you choose a color just somewhat darker than your walls, it will be as if you see the shadows of a real tree on your wall. Notice: it'll be more realistic to have two individual branches, than four equal ones.

Stylized tree wall stickers

Beach Cottage tree stickers
with a tropical feel to it.

Garden Corner
Trim the lower part, and have
a truly fabulous abstract tree.

Flowing trees

These tree wall stickers are a of a different style - a little wilder, but dreamy at the same time. Great for older kids, or your own bed- or living room.

Vine Tree - Large Wall Decals Stickers

Wall Sticker - Romantic Shoots (0565 - gz010)

Romantic shoots
available in a dozen different colors

Kid's themes tree wall stickers

Trees are universal, I guess. I found several that were designed especially for kids' room. This one, Seasons Tree wall art, can be composed into one big or two smaller trees. Several cartoon figures have a tree wall decal. Here are the ones I found, in the following themes:

Of course there are lot of other sticker ideas for a child's room - check here for a selection of

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