Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are probably the quickest way to spruce up your walls, and they look very slick and neat compared to stencil painting. For tenants, it's a perfect solution, most of them are easily removable, some are replaceable too. Prices vary strongly - at blanco-bedding they're 9.89 per piece (for a fairly large sticker), while at other places prices can be much higher. It probably depends on the design and the size of the stickers (and the material itself).

They're easy to design with: a sticker in the same color as your wall (just a few shades darker) always looks good: in that case, the form adds the value to your design. But there's more!

Color accents for white walls

This is the kind of design that needs assembling (the right picture shows an example). When you have white walls, bright and fresh color accents look great in your room. It looks extra nice when the same colors return in other room items: cushions, bedding, some stoneware etc.

The poppies might also do well on off-white, some very light green and maybe some neutral colors, but color matching will be awkward - beware of the contrast effect. With red poppies on colored walls, the rest of the room has to be quiet.

The "Retro squares" just look really fresh on white walls. They're are also from Lot 26 Studio:

Here's the order page

"Jewel Colored Retro Squares"

They come in pieces
Make your own design, or use the example

Working with wall stickers

When your wall is good, you won't need to paint. But if you will paint, you can arrange the paint color and stickers to complete design. It's good to wait a few days before putting them on, it has to be done right the first time. Some paint layers look OK, but chip or peel when you try to remove a wall sticker (even when the wall sticker is removable...). Anyhow, it's good to let the picture grow in your mind (of how it will be). For putting on big stickers, you might need a few extra hands too.

  • Wall stickers don't have the handicraft-look of stencil- or faux-painting. But that might be just what you like.
  • Stickers will adhere best to a wall with no structure.
  • Before you order, look at the size of stickers, measure it out on your walls, and picture the room in your mind.
  • If you won't paint, pick colors that match to the room. One shade darker lighter than the wall allways fits (for more contrast, take it two shades lighter or darker).
  • If you will paint: match the paint colors to your stickers. Take the wall stickers with you to the paintstore (or use sample strips to find a matching color)
  • Let the paint harden out for a few days, before putting the stickers on. Fresh paint is still tender, even when it's dry.
  • Some pictures (branches, big flowers) need to be assembled and composed by you. You might want to do that on the floor first (with unpeeled stickers).
  • For kid's rooms, also check the other sections - Stuff with branches, birds and butterflies are good for children's rooms too.
  • The stickers on this page can be removed, but only some can be used again: check the specs for that.
  • Check here for tree wall stickers, and here for some flower wall stickers.

Natural colors

These ones are from Lot 26 studio, from the series "Add-heres Mirrored Wall Decals". They're suitable for rooms with more toned and natural colors, and walls that are green, white or offwhite, blue and lavender or (red)brown. Click on the pictures to find bigger photo's and the order page:

Bigger pics here - "Tree Reflections"

Check here for more trees and branches

These will go well in kid's rooms as well. There's a thin line between what's suitable for a kid's room and what's not. But in general, the more natural designs are nice for children's rooms too, and kid's rooms designs are better used in kids' rooms only (scroll down for those). Click here for more tree wall stickers.

Black and neutral wall stickers

Black goes well with all colors, and having one black detail in the room adds to the tonal value (light-and-dark contrast) of your design. It makes the room more interesting without adding color. It does have to fit to your design, but for rooms that can't have extra colors and still need decoration, black wallstickers usually fit right in. When the room is very light, a neutral one will give a softer impression.

Bigger pics on the order page

Black - Audry table and chair

Bigger pics on the order page

Cherry blossom tree branches, neutral colors

In black, there's also a fireplace, a birdcage, branches and birds, chandeliers, picture-frames, floral patterns and more. A black wall decoration in a very light room will can go well in a modern design, but for a very light-colored classic design the contrast (black/white) might be too harsh. When you think of buying repeated patterns, try to estimate how much you need of them - if you need much, it'll take time and money - maybe it's better to buy some wallpaper.

Kid's rooms wall stickers

order it here

For a child's room:
Branches and owls

ordering and bigger pics here

These 3d polkadots can be repositioned:
Good for all ages.

Removable wall-stickers allows your kids' room to grow with their age... and if they grow out of it, you can easily remove them. But if the design is good, it will grow along with the child. As an adult, that one special pattern on your old bedroom wall might just become a cherished memory. Check here for a selection of Kids wall stickers

Ordering wall stickers

Screen pictures give you some idea, but only once you received your wall stickers, you can really match the sticker colors to the wall and other room items. Most of the time it will be OK, but if not: there's a return policy for most stickers. When the package is still closed, you can get a refund.

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